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Can Asphalt Roof Shingles Be Painted?

For most people, it can be easy to neglect roof tiles. Out of sight-out of mind, right? If you discover that your roof tiles require some restoration, you may be considering covering them with a layer of paint. On the other hand, painting roof tiles might be challenging to accomplish, as paints may not be able to adhere properly.

The first step is to check the age of your roof and the roof surface. If it is relatively new, then painting the tiles may not be necessary, as the roof will have a warranty that will cover any damages. However, if you have an older roof and want to extend the life of a shingle roof, painting the tiles could be a good investment with minimal maintenance. 

Can You Paint Asphalt Shingles?

The answer to this question is yes, you can paint asphalt roof shingles, but there are a few things you need to consider before doing so. One of the most important things to remember is that you need to use the right type of paint. A standard exterior latex or acrylic latex paint will not work – you’ll need elastomeric paint. 

Is Roof Painting a Good Idea?

There are a few benefits of painting your asphalt roof shingles. Among them is the fact that it will give your roof an updated aesthetic. Also, since asphalt shingles can weather over time and turn a faded grey colour, painting them will make your home look cleaner and more up-to-date with its surrounding neighbourhood. 

However, one of the main drawbacks of painting your asphalt shingles roof is that it can lead to extensive maintenance down the road if you don’t do it correctly. Working on a roof pitch is quite dangerous. The weight of the paint can make the tiles more likely to crack. If you are not particularly skilled at roofing, it is advisable to hire a professional from Above It All Roofing instead. Another downside is that painting your roof can be quite an expensive endeavour, given the cost of paint, labour costs and possible damage to your roof.

New Look

If you’re looking for a quick way to update the appearance of your home without spending much money or time, then painting your asphalt roof shingles might be one of the best options for you. Furthermore, since the majority of homeowners do not paint their roofs on their own, you may count on Above It All Roofing for a skilled service

Extending Roof Life

Asphalt roof shingles serve an essential purpose – they protect your house from water and weather damage that can cause costly repairs or even severe structural problems. When it comes to protecting the integrity of the asphalt shingle roofs that serve as their first line of defence from roof leaks, homeowners should always consult with an experienced roofer instead of attempting to do it themselves. 


In general, painting your asphalt roof shingles yourself will save you quite a bit of money compared to hiring someone to do it for you. However, there are several factors that affect how much this job might cost, including: 

  • the size and type of your roof (how many square feet)?
  • how many layers need paint (amount of paint)
  • the quality and brand of paint you choose (roofing paint should have a durable finish)
  • the accessibility of the roof (i.e. how easy it is to get up onto) 

Extensive Maintenance

One potential downside of painting your asphalt roof shingles is that, if not done correctly, it can lead to extensive maintenance down the road. Improper preparation or application can cause the paint to chip and peel, which will then require reapplication. So, if you’re not confident in your ability to do a good job or you don’t have the time to commit to it, then hiring a professional might be a better option for you. 

Potential Damage

Another thing to consider before deciding whether or not to paint your roof tiles is potential damage that might result. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, the likelihood of damaging your roof tiles is increased during this process. This can cause costly damages that will require repairs or replacement down the road. 

Let the Pros Paint Your Roof

When it comes to painting asphalt shingles on your own, there are some advantages and drawbacks that homeowners should take into consideration before proceeding with the job. While performing this task might save you money, there’s also a chance that you could end up spending more in the long-term if you don’t do it properly or damage your roof tiles. 

If you aren’t comfortable with trying to paint a roof by yourself, then hiring a professional from Above It All Roofing is the best option for you. Contact roofing contractor today for a free consultation! Our team of experienced and qualified roofers will be able to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and without any damage to your home.