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Why Choose Above It All Roofing Inc.?

Homeowners often pay little attention to the roof on their homes until a problem comes up, like a leak that needs immediate repair. The trouble with waiting for an issue to arise before tending to your roof is that by the time signs of a leak are evident, there is usually substantial damage that can be expansive to fix.

At Above it All Roofing Inc., we believe prevention is far better than cure, and we are here to help property owners in Acton identify areas on their roof in need of repair. Your roofing needs are a priority to us. We want you to get the most out of your roofing system and extend its lifespan as far as possible.

For more than 25 years, we been one of the highly recommended roofing companies helping homeowners in Acton keep the quality of their roof in excellent condition. Our services include everything from selecting quality materials like asphalt shingles, routine inspections, roof repairs, new roof installations and much more.


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There are many environmental factors that affect the longevity of your roof. The integrity of your roof may be compromised due to a number of factors, including sun exposure, extreme temperatures, inclement weather, and even animals eat away at roof shingles, damaging your roof.
As one of the most reputable professional roofing companies in Acton, our job is to take care for your roofing needs by offering a list of services intended to keep your roof in good shape for as long as possible. These services include:


While the lifespan of a roof is anywhere from 15-30 years, there are some cases where damage is so extensive that repairs will not be sufficient. A new roof will need to be installed. When you hire our team to install a new roof on your home, you can be sure that we will get the job done right the first time.


Count on us to conduct routine inspections of your roof to address any needed repairs. Our contractors are trained to spot roofing issues early on and work quickly to rectify the matter and prevent small problems from becoming huge ones.


It’s critical that you have a leak in your roof attended to as urgently as possible to prevent extensive water damage. Our team is quick to respond and will work efficiently to get to the root of the problem.


Over time, shingles on your roof can become loose or eventually fall off. We are happy to replace missing shingles and repair those that are loose. Our wide range of shingle styles and designs ensures a perfect match for your roofing needs.


Small animals searching for a warm place for shelter can cause far more damage to a roof than many homeowners realize. We provide animal damage and can we help patch up your roof to keep animals from making your attic their home.


Need some additional lights to enhance the natural lighting surrounding your property in Acton? Skylights are a perfect choice to install on flat roofs. With numerous design and styles to choose from, our team can help you select the best option to fits well on your flat roof.


Eavestroughs and gutters are a great investment and definitely pays off in the long run. If you need to have new eavestroughs, soffits or siding installed on your home’s exterior we are the roofing company to call. We have years of experience in repairing and installing eavestroughs and gutters for our customers in Acton.