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Why Choose Above It All Roofing Inc. in Etobicoke?

Need a new roof? Finding the right professional roofing contractor in Etobicoke for your roofing needs can be a daunting task for many homeowners searching for reliable roofing services in the area. With so many roofing companies in Etobicoke to choose from, finding the best fit and quality service for your commercial or residential property means identifying contractors with a stellar rating.

Above It All Roofing Inc. is a roofing company in Etobicoke that prioritizes excellence and the highest degree of expertise. We have a careful selection of roofing products and services designed particularly with you in mind. Our goal is to keep the roof of your home as sturdy and as functional as possible.

What sets us apart from other roofing companies in Etobicoke is our attention to detail, quality workmanship, and excellent customer service, which has led to the exponential growth of our company in Ontario.


Our Certificates

Master Shingle Applicator
wsib & CSPAAT certified
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Halton Hills Chmber of Commerce
Baeumler Approved


Above It All Roofing specializes in providing superior roofing services in Etobicoke, and we stand confidently behind our work. We offer an array of roofing products and bring extensive workmanship to every single project. We offer the following services to our valued customers in Etobicoke:


If your roof needs constant repair, has suffered significant damage due to severe weather conditions and needs emergency service, or some other cause, you can count on our expert roofing team to install a new roof in no time. We adhere to best practices and take great precautions to ensure safety for both our contractors and your family.


Need some touchup work done on your shingles to improve the look or efficiency of your roof? We are the Etobicoke roofing crew to call. Our all-encompassing roofing services range from minor fixes to major overhauls, and our team is well equipped to handle your roofing needs. Our wide scope is what makes us the top choice for residential & commercial roofing needs in Etobicoke and nearby areas. 


Leaks pose a great danger to the integrity of a roof, and the resulting water damage can be expensive to repair. They need to be attended to right away. We offer same-day roofing repair and can handle emergency roof leaks, so give us a call at the first sign of a leaky roof, and our roofing expert will be there to patch it up in no time.


Shingles on your roof can become dislodged over time due to wear and tear. Don’t let missing shingles ruin your roof’s aesthetics and weaken your roofing system. Our team can conduct a thorough roof inspection to identify missing parts and potentially problematic areas that need fixing. Our team is always happy to help.


Squirrels, raccoons and mice love attics and are among some of the small animals that slowly chew through your entire roof in search of a shelter. We are experts in animal damage control and can repair damaged shingles on your roof and block entry points small animals have used to access your home.


If you have a flat roof, skylights are an excellent way to incorporate natural lighting around your home. We have a wide range of different colours and designs on top of durable roofing solutions to illuminate your flat roof and suit your personal preference and practical roofing needs.


We also handle repairs and installation of new eavestroughs, soffits or siding as part of a new roof or existing one



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