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A CertainTeed Shingle Warranty will give you peace of mind for the long term. But a Certainteed SureStart™ Warranty offers even more. This warranty covers the early, vital years in the most complete manner possible. SureStart™ covers 100% of materials, 100% of labour, and does not prorate the cost. ​The labour coverage offered sets this warranty apart from any other on the market. This warranty is transferrable by the original property owner to the subsequent owner. If you want full confidence in your roof, ask us about the SureStart™ Warranty.

CertainTeed’s SureStart™ Warranty offers:

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  • Full coverage including both materials and labour.
  • Non-prorated replacement coverage of material and labour during the applicable SureStart™ period.
  • Minimum 10 year coverage, based on the shingle selected.  This means you have years to test your roof and ensure it was installed properly.
  • Transferrable coverage to the next homeowner.

What makes a CertainTeed SureStart™ new roof warranty different than other warranties? If manufacturing defects are found in the shingles during the applicable period, SureStart™ covers:

100% of Materials

“All shingles required to repair or replace the defective product will be provided free. No exceptions.”

100% of Labour

“All labour required to repair defective shingles or apply new shingles to replace the defective shingles will be paid by CertainTeed, based on local fair market value for labour.”

Without Prorating the Cost

“Replacement coverage of material and labour is not prorated or otherwise reduced during the applicable SureStart™ period.”

Protection Can Be Transferred

“The CertainTeed warranty with SureStart™ protection can be transferred from the original consumer to the subsequent property owner during the SureStart™ period for the remaining duration of the warranty.”



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