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How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Leaking Roof In Toronto

If you are looking to get your roof replaced in Toronto, it can cost you anywhere between $4,700 and $36,000. This range takes into account condition, size,  and whatever other requirements apply to your particular roof. Our roofers can facilitate you with free quotes to get you an entire array of solutions that you can avail of.

Residence Dimensions

The biggest consideration taken into fixing or replacing a roof depends on the dimensions of your home. An honest roofer will charge per square foot, or simply by “square”, which is 100 ft2. If you are looking to get a roof made of asphalt shingles replaced or fixed, you can expect to get a bill of around $3.10 to $5.70 per ft2, or $350-$550 per square. You might incur a bill for a roofer’s visit, but that varies from roofer to roofer.

Type of Roof and Degree of Slope

The variables here are your roof’s type or its pitch. The roof pitch is the industrial term for the angle or slope at which your roof is laid. The cost is affected as this number changes. It is imperative to establish how much material will be required, and what time of material best complements your roof’s slope.

Common types of roof slopes are:

  • Gable – When two roof sizes meet at the center of your house at a downward slope, usually at a 40° angle. This generally represents ¼ or ⅓ pitch of the roof.
  • Gambrel – Popularly referred to as a “barn roof” that allows for two, sometimes even three slopes on each side of its peak – the highest point of the roof.
  • Mansard – This is very similar to a Gambrel, however, it has 4 sides/slopes on each side of its peak.
  • Pyramid – Like the ones made by the ancient Egyptians, this roof is a single peak with four triangulated sides with a downward slope.
  • Saltbox – Almost the same as a gable roof, with the major difference being that one roof side is longer than the rest, making a much steeper slope.

The most popular roof design is a Gable roof, this is because it is the simplest and most affordable to implement. A gambrel roof, by comparison, ends up requiring more material, which could end up increasing costs by 10% to 15%.

Roof Condition

Your roof’s existing state directly reflects whether or not you will need repairs or if you will have to replace it completely. Either option will significantly affect the cost of the effort as well.

If your roof as undergone redeemable levels of damage, then you can just focus on areas that need repairs.

Among the most common jobs carried out on roofs is leak repairs caused by worn out, and/or improperly installed shingles. This repair can be carried out by sealing the leaks and replacing the faulty shingles. The entire cost of this endeavor lies around $160 to $1,400. It all comes down how much work  is required and how much material ends up being used.

Average cost to repair a leaking roof
ranges from $160 $120

If you end up needing a roof replacement, be it caused by advanced age, rotting boards, or for some other damage, it can cost anywhere around $4,700 to $14,000. Any reasonable roofer can provide a free quote for what it will cost to service or replace your roof.

Average cost to replace a roof
ranges from $4,700 $14,500

Complexity of the Issue

Based on how complex the situation with your roof is, prices may vary. If you are carrying out repairs, or if you are replacing the roof, you will need a professional to first assess it. This assessment will take into account various factors including total number of storeys, the slope or pitch of your house, total number of chimneys, and wall flashings, all these factors affect costs.

Roofing Material

The material you use for roofing will definitely affect your cost. Asphalt shingles are among the most commonly used materials for roofing, especially in residential homes. Metal roofs are fast becoming popular due to their composition, which includes recycled material, and it makes for an energy efficient home. Other premium materials can also be used, including slate, cedar, and composite, but they cost more. For the average use-case asphalt tiling is considered the most affordable of all. Metal, however, could cost three times more than asphalt. Slate is durable and energy efficient for roofing, but it ends up being more expensive than metal or asphalt.

Roofing Different Home Sizes

Cost of roof replacement on a 3,000 square feet house:

The estimated cost of replacing a house roof in a big city like Toronto ranges from in between $9,000 to $12,000 for approximately 3,000 square feet area. The variance in price results from the different type of material installed in the roof i.e., metal based, or solar roofs always cost more than a basic asphalt roof.

Cost of roof replacement on a 2,200 square feet house:

Market price for this specific area replacement varies from $6,600 to $8,800. As previously stated these prices are dependent on the material used in the roof replacement.

Cost of roof replacement on a $1,900 square feet house

Usually roof replacement costs are dependent on three factors – the type of issue, severity of damage and complexity of the job. The more complex and damaged the roof the higher the price. Similarly using more expensive material increases the pricing of roof repairs. However, for the set area of 1,900 square feet the usual damage to the budget ranges from $5,700 to $7,600.

Cost of roof replacement on an 800 square feet house:

For a roof replacement on 800 square feet house the rough estimates vary from $2,400 to $3,200. This cost is not only dependent on the material being used but also the type of roof on which replacement is being made. Naturally replacing a steeper roof is more expensive than a basic bungalow. Similarly in material cost choice of slate tends to be one of the more costs increasing option.

What is the cost of roof repairs?

While the exact price is something variant on a variety of matters, such as the type of roof, material used, extent of damage, the uniqueness of the repair job and the skill required to make the said repair, the best part of being in a big city like Toronto is that any good quality roofer will be willing to give you a quotation to free examination and possible solutions to the roof damage. However, one must mentally keep a note that it usually starts from $350 and up.

What is the cost of leaky roof repairs?

As mentioned above that in Toronto, the starting price of roof repairs is usually from $350. The exact price can be ideally quoted by a roofer after a personal sitting and physical examination of the site of repair. It usually costs less if the damage is not extensive and on a few patches. The price may also increase as the roofer might need to fix the cause of the leak as well and not just repair the damages done to the roof.

What is the cost of repairing sagging roofs?

If your roof is sagging, then this is a major problem. It usually happens due to weakness in structural integrity of the house. The ideal solution to that is an expensive option – to replace the entirety of the roof. Again, while the starting price is $350, the total bill varies depending on the covered area the house occupies and the damage. It is extremely important to find proper roofers and quickly act as sagging roofs are a hazard to the occupants of the building.

What is the cost of repairing metal roofs?

The standard minimum price of any roof repair in Toronto is $350. However almost all roofers provide free home inspection and then quote a price depending on the damage and/or need to repair. Their professional insight is to be trusted on this matter.