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Hiring a professional roofer is the key to your roof renovation or repair. You may not know this, but there are varieties of technological advances and beautiful and affordable materials that can be taken into consideration when renovating the roof of your home or workplace. Our guidance and experience can lead you to make an investment to better your lifestyle, as well as advise you through any maintenance, restoration, or renovation issues. 

As one of the best roofing companies in LA, we can give you quality materials that you love that will also work through time. 

We manage all types of repair, restoration, inspection, and maintenance, so you can relax and let us be in charge. Any type of roof renovation, either for your home or business, is a big enterprise, and we are the experts to find the best solutions for you to save time and money, doing it the most efficient way. Doing it manually can be quite risky, so we ask you, don’t put yourself in danger. We can efficiently command any roofing plan with services that include: Licensed roof inspection, roof estimates, roof maintenance and repair, roof inspection, re-roofing, roof restoration, gutter installation and repair, roof ventilation installation, metal roof restoration, roofing vent replacement, roof flashing repair and maintenance, commercial flat roof repair, slate and tile roof installation, and repair. 

For your consideration, we deliver all these types of roofing services as well: Flat or sloped roofing systems, built-up roofing, tar and gravel roofing, shingle roofing, modified bitumen roofing, tile roofing, green roofing, slate roofing, tile roofing systems, EPDM roofing, single ply white membrane roofing, and more. We can adjust ourselves to all your needs, requirements, and the environmental circumstances of the location. 

As A1 American Roofing, we have a 5-star customer service rating. A team of licensed contractors will be at the service of your needs, making sure you are always comfortable, entirely aware of the process, with open channels of communication. This will make you feel more comfortable letting us into your space and working together, knowing you will get answers for any desire, question, or concern. 

This procedure takes time and space, but it will become an investment for your life and wellbeing. You can’t compare the peace of giving a few days, maybe a month vs. 20 years of a well-done, functional roof, that looks good, has the latest technology, and resists any type of weather. 

We understand that this kind of procedure may frighten you in the economic aspect. As one of the finest Hollywood contractors, we will find a plan that stays within your budget, with quality materials. All of this with numerous payment options for you to choose from. Your comfort is our number one goal, and you will see yourself working with a professional and experienced roofer company. 

For more information, or simply to contact any of our specialists for an estimate on reparation or renovation, our webpage has all our information. 

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